UG Social Tournament Gates Of Gatot Kaca is an extraordinary Indonesian model that is legendary until now. simply with Ajian Narantaka to change the liquid destruction stone as ash is an easy matter for Gatot Kaca, especially Gatot Kaca is able to disappear into the sky without wearing wings because of his wisdom.

reportedly the ability to belong to Gatot Kaca was obtained since he was born, as well as to cut his umbilical bond and desired magic weapon, and after successfully cutting Gatot Kaca’s umbilical bond, the magic weapon was also destroyed and united in Gatot Kaca’s stomach.

Since Gatot Kaca was crowned King, the kingdom of Pringgandani has become increasingly rich, prosperous, safe and strong. And since the game was released by Pragmatic Play on December 20, 2022, it is evident that this game deserves to be called an slot.

Gates Of Gatot Kaca

Game Graphics.

The Gates Of Gatot Kaca slot is set at the gates of the Pringgandani kingdom surrounded by sturdy high walls as the background of the game. And Gatot Kaca will always escort your adventure and help you to get big wins.

Tampilan Gates Of Gatot Kaca

Basic Ways to Play Gates Of Gatot Kaca Slot.

After visiting our best slot site that operates all Pragmatic Play’s slot games, find and select Gates Of Gatot Kaca. The following is a guide on how to play this game:

  • Once you’re in the game, hit the i button and learn all the game rules on the game rules menu page.
  • buy a small value first to monitor the rhythm of the game.
  • In the event that you’re not a fan of the game, you can use the manual spins for 5x to 15x, then use the gacor pattern that we provide.
  • Periodically increase or decrease the bet value depending on the rhythm of the game, and periodically purchase the Buy Free Spins feature.

Gates Of Gatot Kaca Slot Symbols.

This game has a total of 9 main symbols, the 4 symbols in the top row are the ones that have the highest payout value, and the 5 symbols below them also have a payout value that can be considered quite high.

Gates Of Gatot Kaca

Scatter Symbol.

Because this game is themed and tells the story of Gatot Kaca, the Scatter symbol is symbolized by the figure of Gatot Kaca. The Scatter symbol can appear on all reels, to naturally trigger the Free Spins feature in the base game a minimum of 4 Scatter symbols on any reel is required.

If you manage to hit 3 Scatter symbols in the Free Spins feature, then you will get an additional 5x free spins. If in the normal spins or base game you manage to get 6 Scatter symbols, you will get paid according to the amount of stake wagered.

Gates Of Gatot Kaca Slot Features.

Pragmatic Play immerses a variety of features for this game that will make it easier for you to win this game. Great opportunities will be created when you manage to get the bonus multiplier symbol in the base game as well as in the Free Spins feature.

Gates Of Gatot Kaca2

Tumble Feature.

Whenever you manage to get 8 symbols of the same kind on any reel, then the combination of 8 symbols of the same kind is referred to as the winning symbol. Once it finishes paying, the winning symbol will disappear and its position will be replaced by the symbol that appears from above it.

If the symbol that appears from above wins, the feature will continue until no more symbols appear as winners from the collapse. This collapse feature will work in the base game as well as in the Free Spins period.

Free Spins Feature.

Hitting at least 4 Scatter symbols in the base game will naturally trigger the Free Spins feature. It is through this Free Spins feature that the bonus multiplier symbols are created that will take you to a huge win of up to 500x the total win of the collapse.

Gates Of Gatot Kaca3

Double Profit Feature.

The Double Profit button located on the left side of the game screen, right below the Buy Free Spins button is the button that activates the Ante Bet feature. The game behavior will be different when this feature is active, the Scatter symbols will appear more often to trigger the Free Spins period.

Buy Free Spins.

You might feel sleepy and bored while waiting for the natural triggering of the Free Spins feature that doesn’t come to you naturally, use the Buy Free Spins feature to enter the Free Spins feature, and you can immediately play the bonus round of the Gates Of Gatot Kaca slot.

Gates Of Gatot Kaca6

Gates of Gatotkaca Slot Review and Conclusion

When we managed to play this game for a short time, we came to the conclusion that the Gates Of Gatot Kaca slot is indeed one of the great slots that you should try to play. We’re sure you’ll be able to win this game in no time with us here.

Don’t be left behind with others to play the Gates Of Gatot Kaca slot which is available on various OS platforms such as Windows, Android and IOS. As long as you are connected to a smooth internet network, you can play this game safely and calmly.

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