Frequently Asked Questions

UG Social Tournaments is an innovative online gaming platform that offers tons of slots tournaments for free, where players can win prizes to wallets and more. Since its launch in 2023, we have worked harder to bring you a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments, connected to a wide range of action-packed and exciting online slots.

Anyone over the age of 18 can join the tournament, with some restrictions based on your location – is currently Only Available in Indonesia.

This situation shouldn’t happen but keep in mind that this platform is a new project and we are constantly working hard to make sure everything is in the best shape possible.

If it does happen, all players will be notified via e-mail & Whatsapp as soon as possible and will be given an explanation of the reasons behind this decision. Furthermore, we will also prepare another tournament as a replacement.

Coins are the currency used in the UG Social Tournament to Redeem idr in our partner website wallets!

Yes, there is a UG Social Tournament Set Rate Coins Is :

10.000 IDR 25.000
20.000 IDR 50.000
30.000 IDR 75.000
40.000 IDR 100.000

Yes, there is at UG Social Tournament stipulating that the expiration period of the coin is 1 month.

Total Win

The Total Win Tournament type is a straightforward one, which is probably most similar to a regular online slot game. You have a limited number of spins and a fixed bet level; your final score is what you win during the game.


Alvin uses his first spin and wins 10 points.

On the second spin he wins nothing.

On the third spin he wins 20 points. Alvin now has 30 points.

Sign Up Bonus Rules

Every valid registration (correct email and personal details) will get a bonus of 2000 coins.

Daily Login

Day 1 500
Day 2 500
Day 3 500
Day 4 500
Day 5 500
Day 6 500
Day 7 1000

If you’re here, chances are you won something in one of our tournaments and are wondering what will happen next. If so, then read on.

Before receiving your prize there are a few things you need to do to verify your account – we like to call this the “Winner’s Journey”.


Before Claiming Winnings check your account for any errors or missing information. If your account details have any mismatches, the verification process may take longer than usual.

Pay attention to the details before cashing out on which Website – some information is often incorrectly filled in.



We can’t just send you a prize without getting to know each other. The verification process is our chance to get to know you.

Send us an email at [email protected] and contact our official WA at +6285604510450. with the documents needed to validate your account and we will take care of the rest. we are very friendly and will help you anytime.

What documents are needed? Glad you asked.

  • ID Verification

The first data that needs to be verified is your ID. You can do this by sending screenshots, photos, such as:


We hereby verify that you are duly registered on our Partner Website.

If you have any other questions, you can always contact us at [email protected] or call our Official WA at +6285604510450.

Don’t hesitate, we’re always happy to hear from our players!